Why rekeying is sometimes better than lock change


Have you ever noticed how some brands go out of their way to advertise themselves as “quick/fast and cheap”? Whether you are browsing the internet or driving past a hoarding, you will often come across such phrases which brands use purposefully to attract customers. There is no deep science or ambiguous logic behind it either. The strategy is clear: people like saving both time and money, so pander to that thought process. Now, when it comes to availing a service, the expectation is no different. Customers often lean towards getting the job done quickly and at affordable prices. But when it comes to certain locksmith services, they are often tricked into taking a long and tedious path, which is both time-consuming and expensive. How? Some unscrupulous firms convince customers into opting for a lock change without telling them that a simple rekey service can serve their purpose. As a result, the customers undergo a tedious process of getting their lock changed and end up paying nearly triple the amount it would have cost them had they opted for a lock change. Getting locks rekeyed in Phoenix, AZ is hardly a task anymore. With so many commercial and residential locksmiths cropping up, one can easily dial a reputed firm and get their locks rekeyed in Phoenix, AZ in no time. Phoenix Lock & Locksmith can be your reliable partner here. With several years of experience with the local community, we are one of the most relied upon residential locksmiths in Phoenix, AZ that offers a range of home locksmith solutions, including locks rekeying services. But we also need to address an important question here. While some locksmiths often advocate a lock change, it does not necessarily mean they are wrong. In some cases, you do need a lock change as locks rekeying won’t cut it.

Here are some of the common differentiators that will help you understand these two concepts better.

Rekey if …

You’ve lost your key

If you feel like you have misplaced your key in the house or definitely lost it somewhere in transit, it is a good idea to get the locks rekeyed. The locksmith will simply change the lock mechanism so that the missing key will no longer work in the lock. This means that even if the key falls into the wrong hands, you need not worry since it will be rendered useless.


A divorce or separation from a partner is a very mentally and emotionally exhausting experience. What you don't want is the looming threat of your former partner trying to regain access to the house with the keys they may still have. The simplest way to eliminate this fear is by getting your locks rekeyed by a professional locksmith.

Bought a new house

When you move into a new house, one of the first things you should do is get the locks rekeyed. It is due to security reasons. Before moving in, several people have access to the house, such as realtors, contractors, etc. It is impossible to tell whether or not they still have the duplicate key to the house. Getting your locks rekeyed will allow you to breathe easy.


Change if …

You’ve lost the ONLY key

If you have lost the key to the house and it happened to be the only key in your possession, then you will probably have to get the locks changed. In most changes, locksmiths are unable to rekey the locks without a copy of the existing key. Plus, if you feel like you lose your keys often, it is probably a good idea to consider smart keyless locks. Contact Phoenix Lock & Locksmith for more details.

Locks are damaged

If the locks are damaged beyond repair or saving, there is no point persisting with them for long. Sooner or later, they will either end up causing a lock out or breaking your house key. Get them changed immediately!

Need an upgrade

While it may be tempting to get your locks rekeyed to avoid the high costs and hassle, you should never rule out getting an upgrade if it helps you boot your security. Persisting with old generation locks will only become your bane in the long run, giving thieves and burglars a free pass if they come prying around your neighborhood. Find modern locks that are unbreachable and can keep external threats at a safe distance. With so many options available in the market, Phoenix Lock & Locksmith can help you pick out the ones that perfectly suit your needs as well as your budget. Get in touch with us now to know more.

Self help or locksmith?

Most customers try to avoid calling the locksmiths altogether by rekeying their locks themselves. However, it is advisable to let a professional do it. They have the proper tools and dexterity to handle a complicated task such as rekeying. Plus, they will be in a better position to tell you whether you should rekey the locks or change them.

Want to get your locks rekeyed in Phoenix, AZat an affordable price? Get in touch with Phoenix Lock & Locksmith today