How to calm yourself down during a lockout


Going through an unexpected emergency such as getting stuck in a lift or being stranded outside your car due to a lockout can be quite distressing – especially when you are not prepared to handle the event. Lockouts might be quite common everywhere in the country but very few people are able to hold their nerves during the crisis. As an experienced locksmith service company, we can tell you first hand accounts of customers getting panic attacks or bouts of anxiety during a sudden home or car lockout. While it may not sound like a big deal, a lockout can indeed catch us off guard; especially if it occurs during odd hours of the day or at a remote or desolate location. Fortunately, we all live in the age of smartphones and internet so finding a solution to such a situation is not a huge task anymore. With luck, people are usually able to find a decent 24 hour lock out service in Phoenix, AZ near their location. With professional intervention, you can get your access restored within a few minutes without much damage to the lock or the door. However, the journey from realizing that you are stuck in a lockout to finding a solution can be quite tricky. If you panic in the process or decide to take ill-advised measures, then you are bound to make the problem much more worse than it was to begin with. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens to over 70% of the people who encounter a lockout. The remaining 30% know exactly which 24 hour lock out service in Phoenix, AZ is the best for them!

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Now, coming back to the topic. What is the solution for the majority of the people who are stranded due to a lockout. Here’s a step by step guide …

Minimize your panic

Most people will advise you not to panic in case of a car lockout. But that is not really in your control, is it? Especially if you are locked out at a remote gas station with no help in sight. Not panicking is not really in our hands sometimes. In fact, some amount of anxiety is absolutely okay as it will make you act quickly. The key is to let it control or debilitate you. So whenever you are stranded due to a lockout, try to relax yourself immediately. Practice breathing techniques, avoid overthinking or imagining extreme scenarios, and if possible, try to make light of the situation if you are with a friend or family member. This will help you calm your nerves and think more clearly.

Try to look for a solution

While professional locksmith help is usually the best recourse during a lock out, there are always other ways you can try to regain access. For instance, if you are locked out of your home, try to look for an open window or an alternative source of entry which can help you get back inside. If you are stranded due to a car lockout, try to see if you can unlock your vehicle digitally. Several top automobile companies allow people to lock or unlock their cars through apps. In short, looking for a solution will help you find a logical way out of the situation and prevent you from surrendering to your panic.

DON’T take matter into own hands

A frightening majority of people resort to harsh ways in order to regain access and end up exacerbating the situation. While you might be tempted to smash open a window to get back inside the vehicle or hammer down the door, do not submit to the surge. Why? First, because you don’t have the professional expertise, knowledge or skills or reopening a door in a damage free manner. Chances are that you will end up hurting yourself while causing damage to your own car/property. Second, you will end up incurring a hefty expense afterward when you have to get the window or door repaired. Isn’t it wise and way cheaper to just call over a locksmith?

Find a good 24 hour Lock Out Service in Phoenix, AZ

If you are unable to regain access yourself, then the ideal solution is to find a good and reputed emergency locksmith near you. But you need to be careful. Several unscrupulous technicians pose as real locksmith but their actual agenda is to make you cough up as much money as possible. If possible, try to look for past reviews and testimonials or dial a locksmith from a genuine website. Of course, you can eliminate the process altogether by having Phoenix Lock & Locksmith’s number on your speed dial.