In a city like Phoenix, AZ that’s become the hub of tech companies which hoard confidential data, high-tech equipment and assets, top-end security should be the number one concern. Businesses – big or small – depend heavily on the services of reliable locksmiths since security is a top priority for any commercial entity. Phoenix Lock & Locksmith has been extending dependable locksmith solutions to the business community of Phoenix and has managed to cast its name in stone as the go-to locksmith for all types of lock and key troubles. Over the years, we have successfully offered 360-degree solutions to commercial setups across various verticals and diversified ourselves as a service provider to gain an extensive list of clients. We have catered to:

  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Health centers
  • Parking spaces
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Colleges/Schools
  • Apartment buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Cinema halls

When it comes to business security needs, you just can’t leave the job to an amateur. Phoenix Lock & Locksmith are true professionals who understand the sensitivity and gravitas of the situation and ensure that clients don’t have to wait or face any kind of inconvenience when they engage us for our services. To meet our objectives, we maintain a fully-stocked fleet of mobile vans and train our experts in a way that they can tackle even a crisis-like situation with remarkable calm. From fixing your locks and keys to setting up a highly-secure master key system, one call to 480-582-3880 will get you the answer to all your problems.

Our major services include:

Lock Damage

Locks don’t stay in top shape forever. Like everything else, they are prone to wear and tear and may even stop functioning suddenly if you ignore the warning signs. Old and weak locks can be easily broken, leaving your business exposed to all kinds of security threats. Most people even suffer major productivity loss due to lockouts caused by malfunctioning locks. Can’t say for sure if the locks at your facility are in good condition? Get them checked by our experts. We can fix and repair damaged locks and even replace them if they are in bad condition. 

Advanced lock systems

In our field research, we discovered that a shocking number of companies in Phoenix haven’t upgraded their locking systems in well over a decade. Even if the old locks are functioning fine, they won’t stand a chance against modern-day security challenges. What you need is a qualified locksmith who can help you understand the benefits of purchasing MLA-endorsed locking system and install a powerful security mechanism at your premises at affordable prices. We can program highly-security digital locks, set up restricted keyway systems and implement master key systems to give your business the security makeover it needs.

Key-related services:

A key to a file cabinet system or a secure room falling into the wrong hands is a major security breach. Such situations demand quick mitigation and Phoenix Lock & Locksmith offers just that. Our locksmiths in Phoenix, AZ can create new keys from scratch, rekey your locks, extract broken keys and cut duplicate keys – all in a span of just a few minutes.

Safe/ cabinet locks

Every organization uses safe and file cabinets to store important documents, files, company assets, client and employee information among other things. You can only imagine how important these little storage compartments are for a business. Our experts can install top-grade file cabinet locks and fix all kinds of lock and key-related issues to keep your information and assets safe and secure.

Emergency exit locks

Emergency exit systems like push bars and panic locks are important as they ensure a safe passage for workers and clients during a critical situation such as a fire. Moreover. all companies are mandated to have fully functional emergency exits and those who don't, attract hefty fines from the local authorities in Phoenix, AZ. Our specialists will ensure that your emergency exit locks remain in good condition throughout the year with regular maintenance, repair and replacement services.

An overview of our services:

  • 24x7 workplace lockout assistance
  • Standard key cutting services
  • Mobile locksmith services in and around Phoenix
  • Keypad lock installation
  • Locks rekeying
  • Magnetic locks
  • High-security lock upgrades
  • Master key systems
  • Broken lock repair
  • Full-office lock replacement
  • Periodic lock system updates and maintenance
  • Restricted keyway systems
  • File cabinet locks installation
  • Push bar, panic lock installation and repair

For dependable, affordable and experienced commercial locksmith services, call only the best in town. Get in touch with Phoenix Lock & Locksmith now for security consultation or any kind of locksmith solution by dialing 480-582-3880!